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  • When will I get the fund disbursement if I have a winning card?
    Fund will be dispersed no more than 3 weeks after the event date. We're dependent on marketplaces to send royalties so as soon as we have the funds, we'll send them to you.
  • How many years is a card eligible for the fund?
    2 years. Its entry season and one season after.
  • How do I buy a LeaguePack Card?
    LeaguePack Cards are currently sold through OpenSea and Rarible. The links below have great instructions on getting setup
  • Are new cards released during the current season?
    Yes. As new teams enter the top 10, we will release a supply for new teams the Wednesday after the rankings are released at 9PM ET.
  • What's the supply of cards released each season?
    For the 2022 season we will release a supply of 25 per card. The supply will be determined on a season by season basis depending on the size the fund. We will target a supply amount that sets the fair market value for the 1 seed team to roughly $50 USD
  • How are funds allocated between the Semi-Finalist and the Championship winner?
    College Football At the end of the season 50% of the fund is allocated evenly to the cards representing the teams in the final 4. The remainder of the fund is allocated to the cards representing the championship winning team. The 50% value of the fund is determined by the fund value at 12PM ET the day after the event.
  • Who gets fund disbursements if I sell my card?
    You're welcome to sell the cards whenever but only the account that possessed the cards at midnight Eastern Time the day after the event will receive the fund distribution. Make sure not to prematurely sell your card if you're looking to receive from the fund. For final 4 events that means the day after the reveal of the top 4 teams.
  • How do sales increase the fund?
    When someone sells their card, LeaguePack - like all other marketplaces - collects a small royalty. Unlike other marketplaces, we give back to the community by allocating 6% of the sale to the current season's fund and 3% to next season's fund. * For initial sales LeaguePack adds 100% of the "seller" amount to the current season fund. * Cards will only allocate to active funds. A card released in 2022 will only contribute to its year 2 fund at 3% when it enters its second year of fund eligibility.
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